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Looking for the perfect townhouse for rent? If you aren’t quite ready for the single family life in the suburbs and want more of an apartment experience, but desire more space and freedom, then this accommodation might be exactly what your searching for.

Townhome construction has seen large construction increases across the country driven by demand by a specific set of renters. But there has been some confusion regarding what this type of accommodation this really is. So let’s clear up any doubt what type of residence this is so you can discern if this is right for you.

Definition of a Townhouse

For purposes here, a townhouse and townhome are often used interchangeably. While some may disagree that that are in fact different, for this article, they are identical. A townhouse is a single family residence. Usually these will be stacked one right next to another. Many times they have an adjoining wall. Other times, there will be gaps usually filled with some grass and landscaping, a fence line, or just dirt and rocks.

They certainly give you the feel of a single family home. They have multiple levels as well. Two, three, and sometimes four levels will make up the entirety of the floor-plan. Many will have small yards in the rear, while others only have space large enough for lawn chairs and small pots for planting. This sort of living experience gives you the feel of living in your own place.

townhouse floors wood
townhouse with wood flooring

Advantages and Disadvantages of Townhomes

Each type of property is going to have it’s own pros and cons. We deal with a variety of renters and based upon feedback and the knowledge of our agents, we have a pretty good idea of what they are. Check these out.


  • There are HOA fees that will be assessed on a monthly or yearly basis
  • Many communities have limited guest parking
  • Some townhomes share a wall. You might imagine that there could be some noise issues with other residents
  • Single family homes have large yards, not so with Townhomes
  • More expensive than apartment homes


Living behind a gate adds a sense of security

  • Usually these offer a great location near the urban city centre with lots of nearby attractions
  • The community you live in may have a neighborhood pool, tennis courts, and other social areas available to residents

Addressing Privacy Concerns

As we stated above, if your sharing a wall with a neighbor, it might behoove you to dig a little deeper and find out who they are. Remember that they like you are potentially renting, so you might have new neighbors in the future.

Find out who they are. As you chat with them, ask them about the community. How long have they lived there? Then address noise issues. Can they hear others through the shared wall. Ask them if they throw parties? It’s best to address these concerns upfront before you sign a lease.

townhomes for rent in houston tx

Ask about HOA Rules and Assessments

HOA’s can be a major headache. Get a list of the rules and guidelines. There are all sorts items that you will want to be aware of. Here are some of the major topics to review in each agreement.

  • Year Fee
  • Parking Rules for you and guests
  • Pets
  • Occupancy Rules
  • Noise
  • How complaints are addressed
  • Maintenance of the yard

Some HOA’s take care of all of the landscaping in front, on the side, and in your back area (if applicable). This should include cutting grass and caring for  flowers and vegetations Others will not. Find out what your responsibilities are.

It’s also a good idea to see if the fees increase on a yearly basis. Ask for a history of the HOA assessments so you can make the best decision for  yourself.

Due Some Due Diligence

If you have rented Houston townhomes before, then you are aware some landlords act differently when they are showing you a potential property they need occupied. After you move-in and have maintenance request, you may be treated differently.

If you can find previous renters, then you can ask a few questions. If you cannot, then it’s time to search online. Using Facebook or Yelp, you might be able to located some reviews or even reach out to those people on social media.

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